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We organise a number of events and activities so that you can enjoy learning new skills with us. Some of our popular activities are pony days, the Autumn Show, the Pony Club Pageant and Friday night is Jumping Night. As the horses and the riders will be at their best, this can also be a fun day-out for families in Withersfield.

Spend a day with your pony

A better way of learning about horses or ponies is to spend more time with them. Here at Withersfield Hall School of Equitation we offer Pony Days sessions in which you can ride your adopted horse, feed it and groom it. You will also engage yourself in cleaning the stable and making it suitable for them.
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The Autumn Show

Students at our school display their riding and grooming skills at the Autumn Show. There is a separate section for novices and intermediates. This event helps riders work towards their goals and improve themselves. You can bring your friends and relatives to the programme as we will also serve delicious food and refreshing drinks all day. The show is divided into the following segments.
  • Equitation stakes
  • Clear round jumping
  • Show jumping
  • Walk and trot dressage
  • Walk, trot and canter dressage
Get in touch with us to learn more about the riding lessons or qualifications we offer. You can also have a look at the pictures of our events.
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If you are looking for a riding school that organises events and shows, call Withersfield Hall School of Equitation on
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